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James K. Tauber

James K. Tauber holds a degree in linguistics and has worked both in academia and the software industry. A successful open-source developer and technologist, he was part of the original group that developed XML. He is presently Chief Scientist at a Boston-based software company he co-founded but he resides in Perth, Western Australia, the furthest city in the world from Boston. Tauber's interests in linguistics include formal syntactic theory, morphological theory, grammar inference, corpus linguistics and computational linguistics, all with a particular focus on Hellenistic Greek. For the last decade he has maintained and continued to develop MorphGNT, an open-source morphological analysis of the Greek New Testament.

Articles in Journals and Periodicals

‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter: a TEI novice recounts his experiences marking up La Divina Commedia and the Greek New Testament.’ Text Technology 5 (1995) 225-233