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02/23/2006Using Linguistic Features to Analyze Romans 5: An Application of the Discourse ModelSean Adams and Philip Burggraff
02/16/2006Semantic Domain Theory: An Introduction to the use of the Louw-Nida Lexicon in the ProjectAndrew W. Pitts
04/05/2006Guide through the Word Group Annotation ProcessRandall K. Tan
02/03/2006Guide through the Clause Annotation ProcessRandall K. Tan
09/22/2005Introducing the Syntactically Analyzed Greek New TestamentMatthew Brook O'Donnell
07/22/2005Why K. Tan
02/11/2005TransitivityRandall K. Tan
11/27/2004Introduction to the Annotation Model from a Pedagogical PerspectiveRandall K. Tan
01/05/2002Using Codex Sinaiticus as an Alternative to a Modern Eclectic TextStanley E. Porter
02/27/2001Developing an XML Encoding Specification for Papyrological AnalysisMatthew Brook O'Donnell
02/21/2001An Introduction to the Annotation of Papyrus Texts: P.Oxy. 119 as a Test CaseStanley E. Porter
01/11/2001Can the Text of the Greek New Testament Really be Copyrighted?Stanley E. Porter