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Randall K. Tan

Randall Tan has earned degrees in New Testament, Biblical and Theological Studies, and Political Science and History. His research interests include linguistics, biblical languages, hermeneutics, biblical exegesis, and biblical theology. He is currently Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Kentucky Christian University in Grayson, KY. Prior to his appointment at KCU, he served as an adjunct faculty member at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spalding University in Louisville, KY and as assistant editor of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology.

Authored Books and Monographs

The Pauline Writings, co-author with Mark A. Seifrid. IBR Bibliographies 9. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002

Articles in Journals and Periodicals

‘Recent Developments in Redaction Criticism: From Investigation of Textual Prehistory Back to Historical-Grammatical Exegesis?’ Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 44 (2001) 599-614

‘Should We Pray for Straying Brethren?: John's Confidence in 1 John 5:16-17.’ Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 45 (2002) 599-609

Chapters in Books

‘Prominence in the Pauline Epistles.’ The Linguist as Pedagogue: Trends in the Teaching and Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament. Ed. S.E. Porter and M.B. O'Donnell. NTM 11. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2005:

Dictionary Articles

‘Earth, Land’ (449-50), ‘Jerusalem’ (889-98), ‘Light, Light of the World’ (1039-40). Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary. Ed. Chad Brand, Charles Draper and Archie England. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2003

Recent Papers and Presentations

‘The Pauline Lexicon - Developing a Lexical Profile of Paul's Vocabulary.’ Presented with Matthew Brook O'Donnell at Language and Linguistics Section, SBL International Meeting, Singapore (June 2005).

‘ - Introducing a New Syntactically-Tagged Greek New Testament .’ Presented with Matthew Brook O'Donnell at Biblical Studies and Technology Section, SBL International Meeting, Singapore (June 2005).